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The Way Things Work , and expectations of the Clan

1 , All members are expected to always Uphold the good name of the Clan , we try to be respectful to other gamers, when respect is shown to us. That is to say please use your Judgement before you are Abusive to other gamers ,
if they don't particularly Deserve it . Don't be Abusive ,
If they are complete Twats , Let em Av It !!!!

2 , Every Member is expected to Contribute towards the Running Costs of the clan , We share the cost Equally between us all , anyone with a problem should contact a clan leader to Explain their reasons for being unable to contribute if they are having problems at home , or financially . Nobody will get Kicked for not being able to contribute .
If members Fail to inform they cannot contribute for whatever reasons , after repeated Requests , they will be removed
From the clan Roster , and Banned from TS and Gaming Servers owned, or run by [=T.W.D=].

3 , Nobody at [=T.W.D=] is the Boss !! We have never needed it, and we never will ,
you are all Adults and are expected to act like adults , We all vote for people who wish to join , New recruits are expected to ASK to be a member ,or show an interest. They then will be allowed to join us in game and on TS , so that they can see if they are ok with other members , and members are ok with them , this can take 2 weeks of coming on to TS and gaming , so a majority of members have played with , and got a feel for the new recruit

4 , Anyone found Using Hacks Will be removed from the Clan Roster and Banned from TS and Gaming Servers Owned or Run by [=T.W.D=] , there is no exception to this rule . If any member is accusing any other members of being a hacker , other than friendly banter , This will be seen as Wrong and un-sportsman like, if you have suspicions , Please talk to a Clan leader , who will then decide if the allegations are Founded , and act accordingly .

5 , If all else Fails, a clan leader will have the last say , and it will be final . There are times when majority rules do not work , not very often , in fact twice in 13 years , but the last say if ever needed falls to the Clan Leaders
Ulsterlad or The Duke

6 , The Last and Most Important thing , is to Enjoy being in [=T.W.D=] , Have fun and Tea Bag everyone at every opportunity

The Duke

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