[=T.W.D=] The Walking Dead Gaming



The Walking Dead ([=T.W.D=]) was founded in July 2003 from a group of like-minded gamers previously from the Special Police Force (=SPF=) Clan. Dr Schufthausen, Mullins, GP and The Duke (the Originals) became disillusioned with their previous clan and decided a change was needed, so the legacy began.
[=T.W.D=] would be different. Every clan member would have a say in all decisions recruiting and superficial rules

. The clan leaders having the final say if expulsion is required.

[=T.W.D=] started recruiting thereafter, the first recruit being a young Irish chap known as Ulsterlad who after few years of loyalty was promoted to honoury Founder.*
Gradually [=T.W.D=] grew into a formidable gaming clan, respected globally.
Sadly as time moved on only one member of the Originals was left: The Duke. Dr Schufthausen, Mullins and GP left the killing fields and moved on to pasture’s green, gone but never forgotten.*

We as a clan will not allow cheats or suspected cheats into our fold as our integrity means everything to us, no [=T.W.D=] member has ever cheated, something we are extremely proud of. We have great members both past and present that we respect and likewise they respect the clan, the banter that goes on between us is fantastic however it is not for the faint hearted and should never be taken out of context.

[=T.W.D=] will not tolerate any forms of racism or discrimination, we recruit internationally and invite non-members to come and join us on TeamSpeak. You are all welcome.


We are a Clan,

We are a brotherhood of friends,

But most of all !!

We are


The Dead will rise to walk again!!

[=T.W.D=] The Duke